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Southwest Missouri’s Full Service
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& Remodeling Company

Home remodeling, Property Management, & Real Estate. You’ll lack nothing when working Lacknothing Homes.

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Springfield Complete Home Services, All Under One Roof.

At Lacknothing Homes, we offer complete home services to the Springfield community. Whether your home or property needs an upgrade with our remodeling services, or you would like for us to list or manage your home with our real estate and property management services, we do it all here at Lacknothing Homes.

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Why Choose Lacknothing Homes?

Unlike other real estate and property management companies, we offer everything you’ll need to get your property ready to sell or lease. We begin with a consultation to recommend upgrades that need to be made in order to get the best value for your property. From there, we perform the upgrade and remodeling work without having to involve third party contractors. We make a complex process easy at Lacknothing Homes.

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Meet Our Founder –
Jonathan Hosack

Jonathan Hosack is a Remodeler turned Realtor. He has been in the field for more than 10 years and own Lacknothing Services (www.lacknothing.com), a full service commercial and residential remodeling and maintenance company. Jonathan has been managing rental properties for several years, determined to be the best property manager possible for both his owners and tenants. Mr. Hosack is also very happy to be affiliated with Homes for Heroes (www.swmoheroes.com) giving significant service and rewards to heroes looking to buy or sell homes – military, veterans, police, firefighters, health care workers, and clergy. Before getting into real estate, Mr. Hosack grew up in Thailand as a missionary kid, moving to Springfield in 1996 to attend Evangel University where he studied social work. Mr. Hosack and his wife direct Through the Roof, a disability ministry, and are involved with internationals at Central Assembly

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Homes for Heroes

Are you a veteran, teacher, healthcare professional, first responder, in the military, or a full-time minister? Learn how you can receive huge benefits and savings, up to 25%,when working with Lacknothing Homes.